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USUALS "On The Lover's Circuit"

USUALS "On The Lover's Circuit"

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No Idea Release NIR-101
Released: August 1, 2002

• Twelve fun pop-ska songs from these lively Gainesville locals!

Julie Esbjorn - vocals
Mike Bovenzi - saxophone
John Cotter - trombone
Tom Falvey - trumpet
Shannon Gordon - bass
Lucky Boy Alvis - guitar
Jack "Una" Rinca - drums, keyboard

Recorded by Mike Rotolante. Mastered by Derron Nuhfer at Sarlacc.

Track Listing:
1. Rocket Reggae
2. Boomer
3. It's Alright
4. Salty Coffee
5. Sweet Pea
6. Leon's Not Listening
7. Hey Boy
8. Thirteen 45's
9. Underdog
10. Heartbreaker
11. Surrender
12. Three a.m.

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