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NO IDEA | P.O. Box 14636 | Gainesville, FL | 32604-4636

• Please direct label /  band questions (please see below for demo submission guidelines), and general tofu inquiries to: info [at] noidearecords.com
• Please direct any and all mailorder-related questions to: orders [at] noidearecords.com
• For wholesale inquiries, please contact Revolver USA, but please dear deity, do NOT pester them about anything else. Revolver USA cannot help you with any other thing except questions regarding buying stuff from them at wholesale rates for your store, shoppe, or distro: arthur [at] midheaven.com


Q: How long will it take my order to get to me?

A: We normally pack and ship orders once or twice per week (Monday through Friday, except for Postal holidays)! Please remember that if you place your order over a weekend (or even late on a Friday), we won't be able to do anything with it until the following Monday, at the earliest.

Most USA orders should arrive in approximately 7-10 days, so please try to wait a reasonable amount of time before contacting us to check on the status of your order... thanks!

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Most INTERNATIONAL orders should arrive in approximately 3 weeks, so please try to wait a reasonable amount of time before contacting us to check on the status of your order... thanks!

Q: It's have a question about my order and/or need to change something!
A: Please get in touch with us (orders [at] noidearecords.com) for help!

Q: I have a store/distro... how can I buy your stuff at wholesale rates if I promise NOT to ask about ANYTHING else... or even vaguely try to sell my new wonder drug... or to discuss how I am a wealthy prince from an exotic island location who needs to wire my fortune into a stranger's bank account?
A: Please contact: Revolver USA: arthur [at] midheaven.com

A: The exception being: if you run a tiny distro (or are at time traveller from the year 1998 and sell stuff out of a box at shows) and all you want is 10 copies of an obscure, old 7" (Example: The Swarm a/k/a Knee Deep in the Dead), then just place a regular mailorder for 10 copies and we will send you a decent refund when it all boxed up and shipped. I really don't think Revolver will mind, especially since it's apparently NOT 1998 and no one ever asks for this sort of hookup anymore. (sniff, sniff...) Tacos are good. Burritos may be better. Not decided on that one yet.

Q: I am having a problem with my download... can you help?
A: "Do they still make those?!?" Just e-mail orders [at] noidearecords.com with the details (or simply send over a photo of the code you are wanting to redeem). We will sort it out for you!

Q: I am in a band and I want you to put out my record...
A: No Idea encourages you to take the D.I.Y. approach. (No Idea does not release music based on demos, cold calls, or generic bulk messages.)

Q: What is your return policy?
A: If the USPS destroys your box, obviously we will help sort it out. If you just feel like doing a return, then the answer is, "no." Definitely not for discounted / clearance items (like shirts, for example). If you ordered the wrong shirt size (and we have the size you really need in stock), then we will work it out. Y'know, basically, if you are a nice human realizing you are talking to same (not a robot), then that goes a long way.