TRUE NORTH "We Speak In Code"


No Idea Records

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No Idea Release NIR-106
Released: September 1, 2000

Woohoo! Members of Palatka/Asshole Parade/Strikeforce Diablo/Twelve Hour Turn! LP includes a full-color heavy inner sleeve! This is an awesome record.

True North:
Dave Diem- bass, vocals
Ryan Murphy - guitar, vocals
Mark Rodriguez - drums
Matt Sweeting - guitar, vocals

Recorded June 27, 2000 by Rob McGregor at Goldentone Studios

Track Listing:
1. Victoire
2. Wait Wait
3. New Begin
4. Mendings
5. Rocknroll
6. First of the New
7. Part Deux
8. 1973
9. Matt Christian
10. Sketchy
11. Breaking Keys