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THIS IS MY FIST "A History Of Rats"

THIS IS MY FIST "A History Of Rats"

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No Idea Release NIR-197
Released: August 8, 2006

Originally recorded with Tim Green (Fucking Champs, Nation of Ulysses) at Louder Studios in San Francisco and assisted by Adam Pfffthhthfffttaler (Jawbreaker, Blackball Records), the tapes were lost, found, transferred and ultimately remixed by Craigums (Love Songs, All you Can Eat) at Dutch Oven Studio in Alameda after Annie recorded more guitars and vocals to round out the sound. What you get is 100% sincere, aggressive yet melodic Bay Area California punk, drawing from regional bands of the past as well as those of Annie's past in Chicago- area Illinois, notably topped by Annie's raspy cigarettes-and-whiskey stained voice; falling somewhere between Joan Jett and the Avengers!

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This is My Fist:
Annie - guitar, vocals
Todd - bass
Will - drums

Initially recorded in 2005 by Tim Greene at Louder Studios in SF with production help from Adam Pfahler. Even more recording and mixdown by Craigums at Dutch Oven Studio in Alameda

1. Wooden Bullets
2. Quack Medicine
3. Wretched of the Earth
4. Hooray for the Home Team
5. Biblethumpin'
6. You Sank My Battleship!
7. I'm Not Even Trying
8. Bipolar Planes
9. Nerd Camp
10. E-ville Part 2
11. Skyscraper's Gone Crazy
12. A History of Rats

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