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No Idea Release NIR-285
Released: October 6, 2010

• LP / CD / DOWNLOAD: This comes with a 320 kbps Digital Download (a link will be emailed to you!)

Heralds of the underground, THE MEASURE [SA] have laid it all on the line here in their second full-length "Notes," wherein they continue their tradition of Left Coast-inspired pop-punk that leaves no room for metaphor or horseplay. They play at two speeds: fast and faster. Is the buzz in the guitars or the mix? Rising above the fray, Lauren and Fid's vocals weave around each other with a cutting cross-examination of self, society, and scene. In the context of a band's life, "Notes" would be filed under "dark sophomore release" and "greatest leap forward in confidence and songwriting."

Lauren Measure - guitar/vox
Fid - guitar/vox
Mike Yannich - drummer
Tim Burke - bass

Recorded in the second half of '09 by Chris "Gobo" Pierce at Technical Ecstasy and Brian "Buckets" Buccelato at Chumbuckets. Mastered by Stephen Egerton.

1. Be Yours
2. Hell, I'm No Daniel Craig
3. Unwritten
4. Fear of Commitment
5. * Sigh *
6. Cynical at Best
7. St. Kathleen
8. The Politics of Sound
9. Privilage
10. Criticism
11. How Do You Spell 'Sartre'?
12. Turning Point
13. Checklist
14. Timburkulosis

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