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No Idea Records

No Idea Release NIR-338
Released: March 17, 2015

• USA VERSION: 325 copies on Coke-Bottle-Clear vinyl with a BLUE, GREY, and CARNATION screen-printed B-Side!! *

12":  comes with a 320 kbps Digital Download (a link will be emailed to you)!
• IF YOU BUY A DOWNLOAD:  320 kbps (a link will be emailed to you)!
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"Oh, oh, oh, oh. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Ah, ah, oh, ay." — Jeff Pezzati.

"Yes! New songs by THE-EVER-LOVIN'-BOMB!! This is a one-sided 12" record, pressed on Coke-Bottle-Clear vinyl... with a multi-color screen-print on the B-side. The story is that I went to an art show in Gainesville by long-time awesome fellow Sean Mahan. He had painted the outside wall and the inside of the gallery. Wham! That was it! I knew right on the spot that we had to put THAT ART on THE OTHER SIDE of THIS record!

We have included a mock-up of the art here, along with photos of the screen-printing IN-PROGRESS. We will add photos as each new color gets printed (they have to wait at least 24 hours between colors for the paint to dry). In this day and age of pressing plant delays and pre-order-fatigue, we wanted to post evidence that these records ACTUALLY EXIST and will be ready to ship VERY SOON.

Oh, oh, oh, oh. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Ah, ah, oh, ay, indeed!!" —Var Thelin.

The Bomb:

Jeff Pezzati - vocals
Jeff Dean - guitar
Pete Mittler - bass
Mike Soucy - drums

1. In Red Square
2. Silent Fall
3. Nina Ricci's Cool
4. Backseat of My Car (originally recorded by The Dwarves)
5. Watch Them Bleed

Vocals on “Watch”  by J. Robbins. Additional vocals by Lauren LoPiccolo.

Art by Sean Mahan. Graphic Violence by Var Thelin. Screen Printed by Aesthetic Art & Design.

Recorded April 2012 & April 2013 at Million Yen Studios, Chicago by Jeff Dean. Mixed May 2013 at Magpie Cage, Baltimore by J Robbins. Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio. Vinyl cut by Lucky Lacquers.

* We also made an exclusive VARIATION FOR GERMANY (200 with Black, White, and Red ink) available here: