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STOP BREATHING "Stop Breathing"

STOP BREATHING "Stop Breathing"

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No Idea Release NIR-319
Released: June 5, 2012

California-based Stop Breathing's debut LP channels the energy and urgency of their area's historic Nardcore predecessors, while merging it with late 80's hardcore. Imagine RKL partying it up in New York City during the late 80's and you get a picture of where they're coming from...

John Crerar - Vocals
Mike Carter - Bass
Justin Dempsey - Drums
Jesse Jenny - Guitar
Ben Hament - Lead Guitar

Recorded by Roger Camero (No Motiv/Warriors/Gravemaker) at Bright Lights Studio and mastered by Paul Miner (Death By Stereo/H20) at Buzz Bomb Sound Labs, Oxnard/Ventura.

Track Listing:
1. What I Want
2. Tomorrow's Burden
3. Bombs Away
4. White Out
5. Laid To Rest
6. Raze It To The Ground
7. We're All Dead
8. War On Us
9. Our Time
10. Safety Net
11. Marine
12. Lost Forever
13. Nite Zoo
14. Keep Fighting

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