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SHORES "Coup De Grace"

SHORES "Coup De Grace"

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No Idea Release NIR-283
Released: October 31, 2010

"The roots of Michigan's SHORES tap the wellspring of RED HOUSE PAINTERS, BEDHEAD, THE NEW YEAR, CODEINE, LOW, SPAIN, SEAM, and SLOWDIVE. The first haunting note of "Coup de Grace" rings out, clear and clean, followed in time by another drenched in natural reverb, the living sound of a dark, wooden room. Not a cathedral, not a church, but a place of warmth and comfort nonetheless. The patient crescendo builds, the percussion kicks in, rocketing the dynamics into full play. Clean guitars, loud drums, clear vocals. Purposeful over casual, downbeat yet forward moving. Dark, not depressing. A rainy day, a late night adventure." – Var Thelin

Brian Przybylski - guitar, vocals, bass
John Massel - drums

Recorded late 2008 by Matt Younker, Christian Kremo, and Josh Stacey at The White Lodge in Wayland, MI. Mixed 2009 by Christian Kremo. Mastered 2010 by Derron Nuhfer at Sarlacc

Track Listing:
1. Meanwhile
2. Robin
3. One Palm Sunday
4. Roux
5. Shame on Nameless
6. Engage, Pall
7. Canned Heat
8. Seeds

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