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REHASHER "Off Key Melodies"

REHASHER "Off Key Melodies"

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No Idea Release NIR-162
Released: July 27, 2004

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• Roger from LESS THAN JAKE, Gui from ARMY of PONCH, Geis, and Jake from SAVAGE BREWTALITY!!

"REHASHER kick down the door and run around the yard! They poke you in the shoulder and look the other way! What the hell?!? REHASHER blaze, rock, and otherwise destroy! REHASHER harness the power of fast, three-chord punk rock, smack it with pop melodies, and condense it into mouth watering, face slapping, two minute chunks! Roger's vocals are instantly recognizable from his "other" band's prominent placement on such cancelled tv shows as Boston Public, 90210, and Dawson's Creek! Yes, that's the snare... but allow REHASHER a moment to stand on their own eight feet... and try not to get caught in the stampede!! Whoooo!!!" —Var.

Jake - drums
Gui - bass
Geis - guitar, vocals
Roger - vocals, guitar

Recorded by Roger at the Moat House, Gainesville, Florida. Mixed by Mikey Baehler for Progressive Productions in Madison, Wisconsin. Mastered by Derron Nuhfer at Sarlaac in Gainesville, Florida.

1. Lift!
2. Off-Key Melody
3. Sinking
4. One Shot Deal
5. 3 Way Dance
6. No Easy Way To Say...
7. Average
8. $$$
9. Surrender
10. Suffragette City

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