RADON "We Bare All"


No Idea Records

No Idea Release NIR-068
Released: September 1, 2002

• Includes both 7" singles, comp songs, and tons of fun live stuff!

• CD: comes with a 320 kbps Digital Download (a link will be emailed to you the day the record ships)!
(a link will be emailed to you nearly-instantly)!

1-5: Recorded November 1991 in Tommy Hamilton's living room & bedroom on Georgia Street in Tallahassee, Florida. 6-9: Recorded during 1992 in Dan Robert's shed on the highway between Gainesville and Alachua, Florida. The unfinished studio version of "Bryan's World" from the 7" has been omitted from the CD. 10-23: Recorded live October 3, 1992 and Summer 1993 at The Covered Dish in Gainesville, Florida.

Bill Clower - drums
Dave Rohm - guitar, vocals
Brent Wilson - bass, vocals

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Track Listing:
1. Radon
2. Welcome Home
3. Facial Disobedience
4. Exhaustra
5. Wasting Time
6. Chinese Rednecks
7. Wash Away
8. Kibbles and Bits
9. Playing With Fire
10. The Weiner Song
11. Bryan's World
12. Better Than I Am
13. Chinese Rednecks
14. Alien Goat Bitch
15. Debaser
16. Wasting Time
17. Radon
18. Grandma's Cootie
19. Exhaustra
20. Divide and Conquer
21. What Difference Does It Make?
22. Sanford and Son
23. Misfits