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PALATKA "The End Of Irony"

PALATKA "The End Of Irony"

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No Idea Release NIR-083
Released: November 1, 1999

• One- sided, an etched B-side & an all-star Gainesville cast!

Kurt Burja - vocals
Ryan Murphy - guitar, vocals
Mark Rodriguez - drums
Mike Taylor - guitar, vocals
Jason Teisinger - bass

Guest Vocals:
7: Travis Fristoe (Reactionary 3, True Feedback Story, Moonraker)
1,11: Allison Mosshart (Discount, The Kills)
9: Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music, Rumbleseat)
3: Matt Sweeting (Assholeparade, True North, Strikeforce Diablo)
5,2: Dave Diem (True North, Twelve Hour Turn)
6,8,10: Eric Owens (Books Lie, The End of the Century Party)

Recorded October 1998 and February 1999 by Rob McGregor at Goldentone Studios

1. The State of 6pm
2. If You're Not Satisfied with the Current Arrangement...
3. Cheering Section
4. Where the Teachers Go to Learn
5. Rate x Time = Distance
6. Palatka Kills Young Republicans
7. Matured? You Bet!
8. "Let's Have a Kid." "Sure, Why Not?"
9. Another Kind of Blacklist
10. Mark's Shit
11. Voice of the Actors
12. The Current Definition of Friendship is Sorely Lacking

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