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NO CHOICE "Anaesthetize This! Annihilate That!"

NO CHOICE "Anaesthetize This! Annihilate That!"

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No Idea Release NIR-222
Released: October 17, 2008

"In truth, an album born of sheer frustration! Not only do NO CHOICE question and rage at the the ongoing madness of the outside world, they question the apathy within us that allows the well oiled gears of capitolism/oppression to keep on turning. Whereas their previous highly acclaimed album "Dry River Fishing" had a certain positive feel running through it with placing trust in the people, this album looks deep within us all and asks you to question exactly what you are doing at a time when we really need to be raising our dissenting voices!" - Tidy O'Reilly

Gagz - vocals
Ada - guitar
Mowgi - guitar/vocals
PM - bass/vocals
Spike - drums

Engineered and mixed by Martin Nichols at THe White House Weston-Super-Mare, during October 2006 and February 2007 Mastered by Martin Nichols and Gagz January 2008

1. Viva Internationalist
2. Take That Up the Arse... And Party!
3. Pollute and Polarize
4. Change
5. I Know Your Best Move
6. Control
7. Cut
8. Your Sport
9. Gun
10. Fractions Into Factions
11. Don't Mention Darwin
12. Today We Ride

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