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No Idea Release NIR-175
Released: May 31, 2005

• LP / CD: comes with a 320 kbps Digital Download (a link will be emailed toyou)!
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"Entrails" is a blazing slab of hardcore fury that will strip paint at 50 paces! Brace yourself for heavy doses of d-beat, bitter demented vocals, and over the top guitar leads! "Entrails" completely smokes and buries anything THE HOLY MOUNTAIN have spewed forth before! This is the brutal and powerful sound of a band in full form, totally hitting their stride and raging like a motherfucker without mercy! It's a neck-hair-scorching, black and white manifesto that rips apart the bad president and socio-political ills with direct lyrics and angry bombast! Fuck yeah! In the vein of His Hero Is Gone, Poison Idea, Anti Cimex, Death Side, Born Against, and a wide range of Japanese and Scandinavian punk/hardcore!" –Var Thelin

The Holy Mountain:
Ponch - vocals, bass
Greg - drums Tyler - guitar
Evan - guitar, vocals

Track Listing:
1. The Lines Are Drawn
2. America
3. Lord of All Enemies
4. Slaves
5. Entraas Putrefactas I
6. Oversight
7. ...means you have to die
8. Plague Bearer
9. Entraas Putrefactas II
10. Worship and Murder
11. Hammers

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