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GATORFACE "Wasted Monuments"

GATORFACE "Wasted Monuments"

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No Idea Release NIR-264
Released: May 20, 2010

GET FACED! With the word "Wasted" featured prominently on the cover, Gatorface is primed to be perceived as a ferocious party animal... and although they can certainly carry their weight if this is a challenge (are you threatening me?), the record easily bridges the vast gulf betwixt melodic hardcore and fast punk. Formed from the ashes of New Mexican Disaster Squad, Gatorface rises like a vaporous phoenix to free you from the bother of finding another album to play (just hit "repeat"). Fast, melodic, positive, negative, smart, hot & spicy.

-- We pressed the CD version to help save the phrase "vinyl only bonus track" from extinction.
-- Colored vinyl (although I heard that your friend got a cooler color, sorry about that.)
-- Download code (not quite as good as listening to an actual CD, but far cheaper to produce, lazy pants.)
-- CD includes very nice, multipage full color booklet. LP includes crappy photocopy. Go figure!
-- LP includes reusable bag. Keep your record fresh! (Or pick up after your dog. Your call.)
-- CD includes shrink wrap. (plug the hole in your squat to keep the rats out.)

Alex Goldfarb – Bass/Vocals
Richard Minino – Drums
Bryan Quilty – Guitar
Bad Luck Nick – Guitar

Recorded by Derron Nuhfer at Crescendo Sound in Gainesville, FL in May 2009. Mastered at Sarlacc

1. The Cleaner
2. Receivers
3. Kids Stealing Kids
4. More Harm
5. Luxury Lost
6. Wasted Monuments
7. Not Scientists
8. Burning Crosses
9. Armageddon at Eleven
10. Straw Bridge
11. Fuck Florida, I'm Moving to Brooklyn
12. Thanx
13. Janie Jones ** vinyl-only bonus song **

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