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FEST 3 "60 Bands! 3 Hours!"

FEST 3 "60 Bands! 3 Hours!"

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No Idea Release NIR-180
Released: September 2, 2006

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60 Bands, 64 full songs, 3 Hours!

Against Me!, Hot Water Music, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Whiskey & Co., Assholeparade, Fifth Hour Hero, Grabass Charlestons, The Holy Mountain, North Lincoln, J Church, Glass and Ashes, Strikeforce Diablo, True North, Gunmoll, Billy Reese Peters, Army of Ponch, Rehasher, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, Engine Down, Baroness, Tiltwheel, Toys That Kill, Lucero, The Blood Brothers, Mates of State, Mercury Program, New Mexican Disaster Squad, Savage Brewtality, Smoke or Fire, Circle Takes the Square, The Sainte Catherines, Kudzu Wish, The Tim Version, Fin Fang Foom, Fiya, Stressface, Deadsure, Escape Grace, Sir Prize Fighter, The Horror, Dove, Chin Up Chin Up, The Lovekill, Don Knotts, No More, Ninja Gun, J Page, Victory at Sea,The Rogue Set, Altaira, Dukes of Hillsborough, Vena Cava, Loaded For Bear, Moments in Grace, Towers of Hanoi, Bishop Allen, Behead the Romantic, Lucky Stranger, Fuel the Fire, The Y!

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