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DEFIANCE, OHIO "Share What Ya Got"

DEFIANCE, OHIO "Share What Ya Got"

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• A handful of leftover tour copies, with love, from the band.

Defiance, Ohio:
Geoff Hing - guitar
Ryan Woods - upright bass
Will Staler - drums, guitar, harmonica
BZ - violin, drums
Sherri Miller - cello, banjo, guitar
Theo Hilton - drums, guitar
(we all sing)

1. Hey Kathleen, Are You Hungry?
2. This Time, This Year
3. I'm Just Going To Leave...
4. Chad's Favorite Song
5. I Don't Want Solidarity If It Means Holding Hands With You
6. Drinking Song
7. Bikes and Bridges
8. Sweet Dudes and Sweet Ladies
9. Lullabies
10. Old Dead Tree
11. Road Sign Always Look Better Looking Over Your Shoulder
12. Response To Griot

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