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No Idea Records

CLAIRMEL "A Letter To Friends"

CLAIRMEL "A Letter To Friends"

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No Idea Release NIR-131
Released: November 1, 2002

Eight previously unreleased tunes recorded 1999 - 2001, plus two comp songs and one from their out-of-print split with Hot Water Music!

Paul Arcos - drums
Dave Decker - guitar, bass, vocals
Richie Lawler - guitar, bass
Don Sizemore - guitar, bass, vocals

1. Red and Swollen
2. Minnows
3. Twenty Something Nothing
4. Up to Me
5. Point of Departure
6. Charcoal Bridge
7. F. Song
8. Arson on the Inside
9. Mealhog
10. Painter's Holiday
11. Lester

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