A WILHELM SCREAM "Partycrasher"


No Idea Records

No Idea Records NIR-330
Released: November 05, 2013

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"Adrenaline-powered and instantly catchy, "Partycrasher" is a straight for the throat, melodic hardcore rampage, clearing a path with signature "Did they just land that?" transitions and breaks. The long-awaited, much anticipated new album delivers exactly what the legions are craving! Technical wizardry wrapped in a singalong, kickflipped and covered in a rich tomato sauce, then topped with a layer of tasty cheese." – Var

Produced and Engineered by Trevor J. Reilly and Mike Supina at Black & Blue Studio in New Bedford, MA. Mixed at The Blasting Room.

A Wilhelm Scream:
Nuno Pereira - Lead Vocals
Trevor J. Reilly - Guitar and Vocals
Brian Robinson - Bass and Backing Vocals
Mike Supina - Guitar and sick growl
Nicholas Pasquale Angelini - Drums

1. Boat Builders
2. The Last Laugh
3. Devil Don't Know
4. Number One
5. Gut Sick Companion
6. Hairy Scarecrow
7. Ice Man Left a Trail
8. Sassaquin
9. Walkin' with Michael Douglas
10. Wild Turkey
11. Born a Wise Man

Hey, since so many people have asked:
There are between 525 and 600 copies of each of the colors in the first pressing. (The following list is for reference only. The only versions available for mailorder are in the listing, above.)

First Pressing:
"Exploding Shipwreck" (No Idea mailorder only: sold out)
"Shattered Mast, Shattered Bones" (No Idea mailorder; also 50 via Poison City in Australia)
"Leviathan's Revenge" (AWS tour/shows; also 50 via Poison City in Australia)
"Calm Before the Storm" (Hot Topic)
"Stormy Seas" (wholesale / stores)
"Blood in the Water" (wholesale / stores)
Second Pressing:
600 "Sailor Take Warning" (wholesale and mailorder; cyan/magenta.)
* 300 "Silver Chain" (exclusive for Germany)
* 300 "Quest for Gold" (French exclusive via Effervescence Records.) www.effervescence-records.com
Third Pressing:
500 on mystery vinyl color