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No Idea Release NIR-293
Released: May 10, 2011

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The mighty ASSHOLEPARADE blazes through, relentless... a pause, then back into the fray! AP are on point: tight and raging. Have they gotten faster... again? Are you hungry for some crucial Tokyo Power Violence? Prepare yourself for SLIGHT SLAPPERS wall of blown-out distortion and fully insane Japanese hardcore mayhem.. and an uplifting celebration running throughout their songs, a triumphant cheer... and an all night dance party. Anyone can scowl, but it takes a real punk to smile! (LP pressed in Texas on several vinyl colors. Includes DL code. CD at special nice price.)

Asshole Parade:
Travis Ginn - vocals
Jon Weisberg - drums
Matt Sweeting - guitar
Tony Marquez - guitar
Ed DeMarco - bass

Slight Slappers:
Kubota - vocals
Maru - drums
Isa - bass
Hiroshi - guitar
Seiji - guitar

ASSHOLEPARADE Recorded Oct. 2010 at Black Bear by Ryan Williams & Matt Finch.
SLIGHT SLAPPERS Recorded & mixed in Dec. 2010 and Jan. 2011 at Earth Studio.


1. 1994
2. Call This Peace
3. Thief 3
4. Utah, Get Me Two
5. Convulsing Death
6. Autumn Breeze
7. Conformist Brands
8. Unclean
9. Portals
10. Gurgle Forth
11. Skatepark
12. As Nails Rust
13. This Will Sow the Seeds of Our Destruction

14. A Conflict
15. Sore Wa Yuruyakani...
16. Boso! Control
17. I Won't Belong To Your Side
18. The World Make Me Sick
19. All Is Gone
20. Give Me Love and Truth (feat. DJ Yuniro)
21. Stardust, Dazzling Glitters (vs. DJ Yuniro)

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