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No Idea Records

ANNALISE "Here's To Hope"

ANNALISE "Here's To Hope"

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No Idea Release NIR-182
Released: September 13, 2005

They very rarely play live or venture into a recording studio, but ANNALISE's place in the underground punk scene is assured thanks to a long term commitment to the scene's DIY ethics, and more importantly a knack of writing distinctive, memorable songs. Formed back in 1995, the band have released numerous singles and EP's as well as two acclaimed albums, 1999's mod/punk crossover 'Our Story Goes Like This' (Pigdog Records UK) and 2001's harder edged 'Versus Everything' (Pigdog Records UK/Snuffy Smile Records Japan). The band have also toured far and wide, including visits to Japan, Australia and Malaysia, as well as contributing members to such UK punk luminaries as Kids Near Water, Dead Inside, Bullet Union and The Cut Ups. After a bout of relative inactivity spent promoting shows at their very own venue The Cavern Club, watching Exeter City F.C and visiting various folk festivals, No Idea Records coaxed the band back into the studio to record a new album. The result is 'Here's To Hope': ten new songs ruminating on the things that have been part of the bands lives over the past few years; births, deaths, marriages and punk rock. Stealing ideas from artists as varied as Richard Thompson, The Posies and Burt Bacharach before putting them through their own punk rock blender, Annalise have returned with their finest set of songs yet. The hard work now done, it's back to watching the cricket!

"One of the most consistently impressive punk bands in Britain... Annalise grab delicious melodies by the throat and then pin them to barbed guitar lines, making for a rough yet infectious sound..." (KKKK rating) —Kerrang.

"...a work of complete and utter UK punk rock genius." —Fracture.

"Sitting somewhere between China Drum and The Jam, Britain's Annalise play a powerhouse brand of pop/punk with touches of mod." —The Big Takeover.

Jon Curtis
Martin Edmunds
David Goodchild
Adrian Stroud
Martin Stroud
Additional Vocals by Pippa Wragg

Recorded at The Whitehouse by Martin Nichols

1. The Undisputed King of England
2. The Causeway Rocks
3. Everyday There's a New Reason To Do The Right Thing
4. New Sound
5. You Break Me
6. Time Capsule
7. All of My Heroes are Dead
8. Births, Deaths and Marriages
9. A Summer Car and a Winter Car
10. Here's To Hope

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