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A WILHELM SCREAM "Partycrasher"

A WILHELM SCREAM "Partycrasher"

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No Idea Records NIR-330
Released: November 05, 2013


(A 320 kbps link will be emailed to you!)

"Adrenaline-powered and instantly catchy, "Partycrasher" is a straight for the throat, melodic hardcore rampage, clearing a path with signature "Did they just land that?" transitions and breaks. The long-awaited, much anticipated new album delivers exactly what the legions are craving! Technical wizardry wrapped in a singalong, kickflipped and covered in a rich tomato sauce, then topped with a layer of tasty cheese." – Var

Produced and Engineered by Trevor J. Reilly and Mike Supina at Black & Blue Studio in New Bedford, MA. Mixed at The Blasting Room.

A Wilhelm Scream:

Nuno Pereira - Lead Vocals
Trevor J. Reilly - Guitar and Vocals
Brian Robinson - Bass and Backing Vocals
Mike Supina - Guitar and sick growl
Nicholas Pasquale Angelini - Drums

1. Boat Builders
2. The Last Laugh
3. Devil Don't Know
4. Number One
5. Gut Sick Companion
6. Hairy Scarecrow
7. Ice Man Left a Trail
8. Sassaquin
9. Walkin' with Michael Douglas
10. Wild Turkey
11. Born a Wise Man

First Pressing (SOLD OUT):
"Exploding Shipwreck" (No Idea mailorder only)
"Shattered Mast, Shattered Bones" (No Idea mailorder; also 50 via Poison City in Australia)
"Leviathan's Revenge" (AWS tour/shows; also 50 via Poison City in Australia)
"Calm Before the Storm" (Hot Topic)
"Stormy Seas" (wholesale / stores)
"Blood in the Water" (wholesale / stores)
Second Pressing (SOLD OUT):
600 "Sailor Take Warning" (wholesale and mailorder; cyan/magenta.)
* 300 "Silver Chain" (exclusive for Germany)
* 300 "Quest for Gold" (French exclusive via Effervescence Records.)
Third Pressing (SOLD OUT):
500 on mystery vinyl color

(Other pressings: to be listed before long.)

Hey, since so many people have asked:
There are between 525 and 600 copies of each of the colors in the first pressing. (The list is for reference only.)

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