GLASS & ASHES "Aesthetic Arrest"


No Idea Records

No Idea Release NIR-165
Released: October 1, 2004

Hailing from Ventura, California, GLASS & ASHES soak every possible ounce of spirit and passion from a full-velocity scream! Musically dynamic and compelling, GLASS & ASHES is already garnering comparisons to TORCHES TO ROME, PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS, and YAPHET KOTTO, with a touch of D.C. of years past.

Dave Hall - vocals, guitar
Jesse Jenny - guitar
Michael Gleeson - drums
Michael Carter- vocals, bass

Recorded by Armand Tambouris at Satellite Recording and Audio International June and July of 2004. Mastered by Golden. In hindsight, it's rather muddy. Trivia: Armand re-mastered one song a few years after the band broke up and it sounded amazing, like a wet blanket was removed! Unfortunately, there was no way to recoup the $500 he wanted to re-master the rest of the album, so that's as far as it went.

1. Black Beneath the Eyes
2. The Art of Selling
3. Dividing Line
4. Controlled Burn
5. Eighty-Six
6. Dead on Arrival
7. Head First
8. Bloody Knuckles
9. Off the Piranha 1
10. Off the Piranha 2
11. Glass Plans
(Note: The track listing on the back of the LP/CD is incorrect)