GLASS & ASHES "Glass And Ashes"


No Idea Records

No Idea Release NIR-225
Released: March 1, 2008

• LP comes in a fancy GATEFOLD COVER with a printed inner sleeve... nice!!

Ventura, California's GLASS & ASHES enter the fray with their second album: a storm raging, a force of nature unleashed on barren landscapes, rending vast destruction as compelling art. Pummel and rage, burn and seethe, crossing from one side of melodic hardcore straight into the heaviest rock. The past is burnt and frayed. The future is unwritten. In the four years since "Aesthetic Arrest", G&A have matured, focused, and taken the exploration in unexpected directions, yet there is a common thread within. Their two albums are undeniably distinct. For one, Dave Hall left the band and moved to Gainesville a couple years back (check his vocal cameo on "The Rebuttal"), with long time band touring mate Josh Hayes stepping up in fine form. This change in personnel focused the sound of the band. (Point of interest: Mike Carter now commutes cross-country to double-dip in YOUNG LIVERS, alongside Dave.) Inventive, intricate and propulsive drumming couples with spot- on, melodic guitar leads: weaving tension, anxiety, and release into every song. The artwork by Kim Keever could not more perfectly capture the feel of the songs ( This union of art and music simply compelled us to go over- the-top and create a Gatefold Jacket for both the LP and CD versions. I have heard these songs hundreds of times and I am still left speechless. I suspect you will be left feeling the same. (Hit repeat.) Thanks for listening! – Var / No Idea.

Josh Hayes - vocals, guitar
Jesse Jenny - guitar
Michael Gleeson - drums
Michael Carter- vocals, bass

Produced by Glass and Ashes and Armand John Anthony Recorded, and Mixed by Armand John Anthony Recorded at Nova Studio Ojai, Ca and Satellite Recording Ventura, Ca.

1. Seconds Before The Floor Drops Out
2. To The Point Of Paralysis
3. We Will Hang For This
4. Bird's Eye View
5. Alpha State
6. North Flight
7. Exit Wound
8. Count Back From 10
9. Dead Bodies Skyscrapers High
10. The Rebuttal