V/a - Let's Do It For Lance! A J Church/cringer Tribute & Benefit Compilation For Lance Hahn


No Idea Records

Released: December 31, 1969
A co-operative release from five labels; all songs are J Church/Cringer covers! With Banner Pilot, McRackins, Walker, The Groucho Marxists, Radon, A Radio With Guts, Unitas, The Parasites, Streetside Prophet, Dateless, Kimberly Steaks, Lolligaggers, The Peabodys, Rubberband, Nervous Dogs, Responsible Johnny, Kazoo, Non Radio Friendly, The Measure, Down In The Dumps, Brickfight, The Queers, Blotto, 41 Gorgeous Blocks, Angry 4 Life, The Ratchets, Sidewalk Crax, AV Club, Young Playthings, & Chris Catfood!