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No Idea Release NIR-060
Released: 1999

• Jewel case version.

Track Listing:
1 –Anklebiter Planetstruck
2 –Anthem 88 Take On The Day
3 –Bomf! Drinkin’ And Drivin’
4 –Clairmel Lester
5 –Coalesce You Can’t Kill Us All
6 –Combatwoundedveteran Shit 3:16
7 –Elmer You Don’t Know Shit
8 –Fay Wray The Bar Mitzvah Song
9 –Grade Conceptualizing Theories In Motion
10 –Hankshaw Lockjaw
11 –Hot Water Music Alachua (Live)
12 –I Hate Myself ...And Keep Reaching For Those Stars
13 –Jud Jud Fast Song
14 –Left For Dead Pliant
15 –Less Than Jake Antichrist
16 –Lexingtons Doo Doo Rag
17 –Mercury Program To Our Backs
18 –Moonraker Accident Prone
19 –One Eye Open The Unknown Stuntman 
20 –Panthro U.K. United 13 Mateo
21 –Pung Pung’s State Of The Youth Address
22 –Radon Facial Disobedience
23 –Retard Beaters Chechnya
24 –Reversal Of Man The Set Up
25 –Rumbleseat Cursing Concrete
26 –Schlong Goodbye To Romance
27 –Small Brown Bike Mouth Of Madness
28 –Spoke Ruptured Seam
29 –Strikeforce Diablo Judy Garland’s Christmas Special
30 –Swarm Fucking Invincible At 1 A.M.
31 –Tomorrow Lead Halo
32 –Twelve Hour Turn A Letter To My Uncle
33 –Usuals Hey Boy

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