UNFUN "Sick Outside View"


Fast Crowd

Now on BLACK/WHITE split-colored vinyl, with screenprinted covers! Gnarly pop punk from Vancouver. It's theJammer! East Bay pop punk ran over by Neurosis. I know that sounds weird, but these guys are weird. From the first time I heard a demo of this band I was hooked. Every once in awhile there is a record that kind of makes everything OK for a little while. Off With Their Heads "Hospitals", Bent Outta Shape's "Stray Dog Town", Gordon Gano's Army's S/T LP. Although this record sounds nothing like them, it's my new "makes everything better". Don't let the name fool you into thinking that it has anything to do with what this band sounds like. Don't be dumb. Get this record! Oh yeah, and their nuts! They get hot outside of Canada and rarely wear clothes while on tour.