No Idea Records

No Idea Release NIR-034
Released: December 31, 1995

Intense hardcore destruction on HEAVY red vinyl! This was the very first 12" on No Idea. Do you like Botch, Drowning Man, Kiss it Goodbye, Rorschach? Members went on to Strikeforce Diablo, True North, Asshole Parade...

Tired From Now On:
Jason Dooley - drums
Major Ruffin Jarmin - vocals
Jose Piza - bass
Ben Stillwell - guitar Matt Sweeting - guitar

Recorded October 1995 by Steve Heritage

Track Listing:
1. What's Up Organ Moaner?
2. Stumble - Meter - Stumble
3. A Friend, No Trend, The End
4. Big Buildings For Big Shits
5. Too Irrational to Teach
6. A Child Won't Help
7. Fear Me as a Dictator
8. Comic Characters and Cuban Cigars
9. Kill All the People That Love You