TIM VERSION "Ordinary Life" + "Decline" BUNDLE


No Idea Records

No Idea Release NIR-342 / NIR-234
"Ordinary Life" Digital Release Date: September 23, 2014
"Ordinary Life" Vinyl Release Date: December, 2014
"Decline" Released: January 1, 2008


Included are:
• "Ordinary Life" LP
• "Trust Fund Economics" 7"
• "Decline of the Southern Gentleman" LP


"The Tim Version is Gainesville punk (from Tampa), with better jobs and a better van! Wrap 'em up in a tortilla with The Replacements, Radon, Leatherface, Hot Water Music, Motorhead, country legends of old, and a hefty dose of fast, bring-the-house-down punk rock, and you've got a mighty fine burrito! This here album is uptempo, adrenalin-charged and whiskey-soaked, but some of the finest moments are also found when they step back and let the full-on country songs breathe and move. You will swear you've heard these songs your whole life on a crackling AM radio. I'd say they do what they do because they don't know any better, but the lead crooner really IS a rocket scientist. The drummer plays traditional style (read: "holds sticks weird"), and is way better than he should be, the jerk! And between them, they have an encyclopedic knowledge of music, crossing all genres. If you are hearing The Tim Version for the first time, then this is a very good day indeed! Put on the record, pour yourself a cold drink, and escape from the heat for a little while here in the shade." -- Var Thelin

The Tim Version:
Mike Paul - bass
Scott Laval - guitar, vocals
Shawn Watkins - drums, vocals
Russ Van Cleave - guitar, sore throat

"Ordinary Life" LP Track Listing:
1. For the Birds
2. Hello, Waterface
3. A Dream About Dean's Dream
4. Holidays and Birfdays
5. Funny Movies
6. The Future of Humanity is Dogs
7. Plague Dogs
8. Men of Compromise
9. Red Wine Party
10. The Yuckface Symbol
11. Die in Yer Sleep
12. Fish Oar Die

7" Track Listing:
1. Trust Fund Economics
2. Horse Sense
3. Mentally Illin'

Recorded and mixed by Mark Nikolich at Atomic Audio

"Decline..." LP Track Listing:
1. Shin Splints
2. Murder
3. Tim Dorsey Writes Non-Fiction
4. W.H.A.
5. Where The Wildmen Are
6. Too Many Saturday Nights
7. Paradise By The Fluorescent Lights
8. Bitter Greens
9. Mark's Albatross
10. Skilled Labor
11. East Of Eden
12. League Minimum

Recorded and mixed by Mark Nikolich at Atomic Audio between March and June 2007