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No Idea Release NIR-223
Released: October 1, 2007

Late one night in the laboratory, a fiendish plan to splice two organisms --devious though it was-- came to fruition! Fear! Terror! Scary! Moisture! Yes, it is so... the creature lives and walks the Earth! TIMF follow up their "A History of Rats" album with this new song. Gritty, catchy punk with Annie's great, scratchy vocals. FHH turn in what may well be their final song. Great dual male/female vocals... as always, a favorite. Colored vinyl! Cover art by Ryan Woods (Defiance, Ohio).

This Is My Fist:
Annie - guitar, vocals
Toddamnit - bass
Craigums - drums

Fifth Hour Hero:
Dave Chamberland - drums
Mathieu Guilbault - bass, vocals
Olivier Maguire - vocals, guitar
Genevieve Tremblay - vocals, guitar

This Is My Fist: Recorded in limbo at the Dutch Oven in Alameda, California by Craigums
Fifth Hour Hero: Recorded in May 2005 at RecRoom by Ronny Cates and Derron Nuhfer in Gainesville, Florida

1. This Is My Fist — Davey Crockett's Dead, You Know
2. Fifth Hour Hero — Wrong Hit / Wrong Answer