THE 'TONE "Here's Another Believe In Rock-n-Roll"


No Idea Records

No Idea Release NIR-114
Released: November 1, 2001

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Fantastic UK punk! Ex- Schwartzeneggar/Thatcher On Acid!

The 'Tone:
Dan Bernstein- vocals, guitar
Bob Butler- bass, vocals
Ben Corrigan- guitar, vocals
Scott - drums

Recorded by Kevin Stokes at River Studios

1. Queen of the Shoplifters
2. Graham of Norwood Junction
3. Metropolitan Caff
4. Bullshit
5. Car Crash Television
6. Real World
7. Turn It Up
8. Who's That Man?
9. I'm Ecstatic
10. Nowheresville
11. I Don't Wanna Talk About It
12. Outside the Post Office