STREET EATERS "We See Monsters"


Bakery Outlet

"Both Megan March and Johnny Geek, equal parts of Street Eaters, were born in Oakland, raised in the East Bay, and came of age in the Gilman/Geekfest/Mission Records world. At times you get a glimpse of that East Bay on this record, but the sound more teeters back and forth from bellowed call and response vocals alongside blown out driving to a halt bass and drums to shared pop punk melodies and immediacy. They alternate from the longer more committed number to the shorter burst that leaves you with a 2 minute song complete with "whoah-oh!"s and "hey!"s stuck in your head often times still there when you wake the following morning. They jam econo having no use for a six string guitar. They also play in other bands (Fleshies, Master Volume, Triclops!, Harbinger, Neverending Party, Before The Fall, Younger Lovers, etc.) "We See Monsters" is a vinyl only release that comes with MP3 download card." --Rich/Bakery Outlet