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No Idea Records

SPOKE "Done"

SPOKE "Done"

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No Idea Release NIR-015
Released: January 1, 1994

"18 songs pulled from three "classic" (read: old and dusty dollar bin fodder) 7" records and a couple compilations! Classic Gainesville melodic punk. Spoke were the catalyst to the Gainesville music scene going through a revitalization in the early '90's. Radon were brothers in arms. These bands (and others) helped pave the way for Less Than Jake, Hot Water Music, and all the rest who took the banner further from home and, unlike Spoke, continue to create music to this day. I do not wax melodramatic when I say that there is a fair chance I would have moved to Berkeley or WDC if not for the spark that Spoke helped ignite, at just the right time. Thanks Spoke! Viva Pastacore!" — Var, June 2014

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Chuck Horne - drums, vocals
Scot Huegel - bass, vocals
Jon Resh - guitar, vocals

Recorded 1991-1993 by Tommy Hamilton

1. Antihistamine
2. Descant
3. Mothra
4. Prey
5. Hearken January
6. Harvest
7. Harsher Winds Fall
8. Dark City Sister
9. Hollowspeak
10. Just a Thought
11. Crushed
12. Care
13. For Regeneration

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