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Sedaced is a group of four friends making pop music! Scott has been playing in punk rock bands since a tender age. Post-pubertythese include APPLEORCHARD, BROCCOLI, SHONBEN, THE 'TONE, DEAD INSIDE, and HARD SKIN. Scott met Akiko when her band HUGplayed with BROCCOLI in her native Japan, and when she moved to London it was only a matter of time? Diane is Scott's sister, and when she followed Scott'smove from Scotland to Gipsy Hill, South London, she was easily persuaded to chuck the cello for a bass guitar. Dave was a friend of a friend who knew far toomuch about good music to just leave in the pub where he was found, and so the band was born. Musically, SEDACED owe a lot to the mid-90's undergroundmelodic punk rock / post hardcore scene that included bands like HOOTON 3 CAR, BROCCOLI and LEATHERFACE, but also introduce their own moreWashington, DC influenced sound.