ROME ROMEO "Rome Romeo Ep"


Machette Records

**ON CLEAR or BLACK vinyl! New band from Olivier Maguire & Genevieve Tremblay (FIFTH HOUR HERO)! Five songs! It's a Canadian import!"Veterans of their native Quebec’s D.I.Y. scene as well as the national and international touring circuit, Montreal’s Rome Romeo offers up an audible testament to progression. Broadening outward from their past punk inclinations, the band’s members collaborate their individual abilities and tastes into a refined and seamless culmination of influence. Embodying elements of sultry, reverb-laden contemporary garage styling, throw-back pre-punk, and dissonant post-whatever, they tactfully incorporate both pop-sensibility and grating, minor-keyed challenge.It may be a bit more toned down than what some of their past bands involved, but intensity, aggression, and conviction are retained with sophistication. The bass growls, drums churn, and guitars and keys waiver in between all-out drive and sparsely arranged intertwined dissonance. At the forefront, female-led vocals deliver stirring, powerful captivation.Although they’re barely onto their feet, Rome Romeo provides a sense of fervor, aptitude, and creative craft that suggests vast experience. With their first recordings new listeners as well as enthusiasts of the members’ previous efforts should inevitably find bounty to reap and the promise of great things to come." --Brian Moss (San Francisco Weekly Music Critic)Includes download code!