No Idea Records

No Idea Release NIR-335
Released: November 5, 2013

(The CD is on Paul Baribeau)

• The LP comes on BLACK vinyl (300 pressed).

• LP/CD comes with a 320 kbps Digital Download (a link will be emailed to you)! 

"Troubadour extraordinaire PAUL BARIBEAU breaks the chains that bind and unleashes a mind-melting hardcore blast of fury and bile! Okay, maybe that's taking it a little far, but there are definitely nine songs on this thing and they are certainly choice cuts. Paul has nowhere to hide and rocks out, acoustic style. Have you ever met the guy? He's fantastic. I mean that. He has played with fancy folks that you have heard of and has toured endlessly, sweeping the land far and wide. Michigan, what's up with all your great bands?"

Paul Baribeau - vocals, guitar

Track Listing:
1. Christmas Lights
2. Ten Things
3. Nothing to Say
4. Hard Work
5. Falling In Love With Your Best Friend 
6. Things I Wish
7. Like Bells
8. Better Than Anything Ever 
9. Last Time