No Idea Records

No Idea Release NIR-163
Released: October 26, 2004

January 2017: We got ONE of these CDs back in a return... whooo for yoooou!

Orlando's NMDS kick out four new ragers, including a cover of "FVK" (Bad Brains), recorded by Matt from Strike Anywhere! San Francisco's WA destroy all with four incendiary nuggets, capped off with their cover of "Rat Patrol" (Naked Raygun). Eight great songs and amazing artwork to boot! Floriduh vs. Californiduh!

New Mexican Disaster Squad:
Brian - guitar
Sam - vocals, guitar
Richard - drums
Alex - bass, vocals

Recorded and mixed by Matt Smith in Baltimore, MD, January 2004.

Western Addiction:
Jason – vocals, guitar
Chicken – bass, vocals
Chad – drums
Ken – guitar (on Rat Patrol)

Recorded & mixed by Randy Burk at Stout Recording Studio, Oakland, CA, November 2003, except "Rat Patrol" recorded & mixed by Mark Bradin, San Francisco, CA, June 2004.

New Mexican Disaster Squad:
1. It's Called Integrity
2. Social Divorce
3. Porcelain End
4. F.V.K.

Western Addiction:
5. Spider in England
6. When a Good Friend Attacks
7. I Tore My Hands Off in a Combine
8. Rat Patrol