LIFETIME "Lifetime"


No Idea Records

No Idea Release NIR-243
Released: July 22, 2008

• February 13, 2015: 300 copies on two colors (brown mix, purple mix). If you have a preference, please mention that in the NOTES section when you order. The colors likely vary across the pressing.

"When word came that LIFETIME had reformed and was recording a new album, long time fans were ecstatic, as were tons of kids who had discovered the band AFTER they called it a day. This self-titled album came out in 2007. It had a super limited vinyl run that was gone before it appeared, wham bam! The idea of bringing the vinyl out on No Idea was hatched during a late night (okay, mid-afternoon) brainstorming session with a mysterious shadowy figure (okay, Dan Yemin), in which minds were twisted, arms were wrestled, and ultimately a wave of positivity flooded the room (okay, internet) and a vision of happiness came into bloom (okay, I had a big ole smile). We bottled and released this happiness into the offices of FBR and they were swept up in the euphoria too (okay, it was a few emails and they were cool with it). THE POINT IS: We are happy as pie to press this here LP for you and yours. Yeah! Whoo!"

Ari Katz: Vocals
Dan Yemin: Guitar
Pete Martin: Guitar
Dave Palaitis: Bass
Scott Golley: Drums

1. Northbound Breakdown
2. Airport Monday Morning
3. Just A Quiet Evening
4. Haircuts & T-Shirts
5. Can't Think About It Now
6. Spiders In A Garden
7. Yeems Song For Nothing
8. Try And Stay Awake
9. Song For Mel
10. All Night Long
11. Records At Nite