LATTERMAN "We Are Still Alive"


No Idea Records

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No Idea Release NIR-209
Released: March 17, 2007

• New Pressing: 103 total: 13 VERY LIMITED Mint Green vinyl, 90 Lavender Splattery vinyl!

Phil Douglas - guitar, vocals
Matt Canino - bass, vocals
Brian Crozier - guitar
Pat Schramm - drum

Written and recorded in February 2006 at The Hobo House in Huntington Station, NY

1. Water Mains At The Block's End
2. Mumbled Words And Ridiculous Faces
3. "I Decided Not To Do Them"
4. If Batman Was Real, He Would Have Beaten...
5. Dr. Sudholt And His Double Glasses
6. This Basement Gives Me A Fucking Headache
7. We Work The Night Shift
8. Goodmorning, Here Is Jan
9. 'Dozer Rage
10. Will This Be On The Test?