No Idea Records

No Idea Release NIR-246
Released: December 19, 2008

• Long out of print; on LAVENDER VINYL!

A brief milestone in the long, twisted musical journey of Chris Clavin (Ghost Mice, Captain Chaos, Operation Cliff Clavin, The Devil Is Electric) that once again returns to the electrified roots of DIY punk rock. Plugged in, sped up, and sung at the tops of their lungs, these minute-long, coffee-fueled anthems will surely whip the heart, mind, and feet into a frenzy of action that will send even the most lackadaisical of punkers scurrying into the streets and infoshops with a revitalized fervor of hope and belief.

Izzy Alcatraz - vocals
Chris Clavin - guitar, vocals
Matty Dodger - bass
Rilly L. Fink - drums

Recorded by Rob McGregor at Goldentone in Gainesville, Florida

TRACK LISTING:1. No Gods No Masters
2. Mosh My Brain
3. Descendants
4. Remember the Alamo
5. Get it On
6. Unseen Future
7. Laundry Day