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HOLY MOUNTAIN, THE "Here Is No Exit" Picture Disc

HOLY MOUNTAIN, THE "Here Is No Exit" Picture Disc

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No Idea Release NIR-290
Released: September 29, 2010

THE HOLY MOUNTAIN throw down an infinite slab of brutality in the form of a PICTURE DISC LP. Epic pummeling! Eleven ragers: four songs recorded in 2010 plus seven more songs ripped forth from their formerly conjoined split companions, sutured, cauterized, and shaken not stirred. Behold! (Includes Download Code and fancy inserts, not to mention the unsettling art of Dan Rossiter throughout and a guest appearance by artist Vincent Locke.) THM continues their legacy, twisting and warping the bedrock of the noise they love to burn! Brace yourself for heavy doses of d-beat, bitter demented vocals, and over the top guitar leads! In the vein of World Burns To Death, Poison Idea, Anti Cimex, Death Side, Born Against, His Hero Is Gone, and a wide range of Japanese and Scandinavian punk/hardcore!

Tyler - guitar Greg - drums
Dan - vocals
Troi - guitar (1-7) / bass (1-4)
Brett - bass (5-11) / spiritual guidance
(1-4) Paul Pavlovich - backing vocals (3-4)

Recorded by Mark Nikolich at Atomic Audio in 2010, 2007, 2006

1. Jungle Beatings
2. Here is No Exit
3. Suicide
4. Genocide
5. Remains
6. Possession
7. Birth
8. Stalker
9. Youth Authority
10. We Must Kill
11. Bulldozer

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