No Idea Records

No Idea Release NIR-123
Released: September 1, 2002

It's Floriduh vs. Canaduh... again! Six fantastic songs from Gunmoll, five from Fifth Hour Hero!

Mike Hale - vocals, guitar
Jon Marburger - drums
Derron Nuhfer - bass, vocals

Fifth Hour Hero:
Dave Chamberland - drums
Mathieu Guilbault - bass, vocals
Olivier Maguire - vocals, guitar
Genevieve Tremblay - vocals, guitar

Gunmoll: Recorded December 2001 by Ronny Cates at Rec Room
Fifth Hour Hero: Recorded January 2001 by Martin Ferland at studio Victor

1. Forget Me Not
2. Point
3. Spinning Lies
4. Tried, Tested, and Solid
5. Drumcliffe
6. The Letter

Fifth Hour Hero:
1. Reticent to Romance
2. Dead on (a) Holiday
3. Stimuli Shining Gold
4. Crashed Cars
5. Underneath Their Buildings