No Idea Records

No Idea Release NIR-270
Released: August 6, 2010

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"In the grand pantheon of rocknroll, this is the first pairing of GRABASS CHARLESTONS and TOYS THAT KILL. Weird, huh? It is no accident that this is at the very top of our interweb page. It is as purposeful as the TOUR that GC is currently embarked upon. Be there and pick up one of these slabs of PINK THUNDER. Consider this while you sweat it out. Consider as well, joining either TEAM PINK or TEAM BLUE. Perhaps you are indecisive? Join both. Many records were harmed in the making of this record. Considerably creepy cover painting by Jason Miracle. (Includes Butt Load Code)" – Var Thelin

• In 2012, GC changed their band name to THE CAREENERS.

Grabass Charlestons:
Dave Drobach - bass
PJ Fancher - guitars, acoustic guitar
Will Thomas - drums, vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar

Recorded and Mixed by Derron Nuhfer and Addison Burns at Crescendo Summer 2009

Toys That Kill:
Todd Congelliere - sing, guitar
Jimmy Felix - drums
Sean Cole - sing, guitar
Chachi - bass

Recorded by Mike Vasquez at Sweatbox in Austin, TX, from Thanksgiving Day to a few days after that, 2005, when we recorded our album "Shanked!"

Track Listing:

Grabass Charlestons:
1. Sad and Beautiful World
2. Severed Toothbrush Head
3. Human Phenomenon
4. Dale
5. I Kill Butterflies (originally by Onion Flavored Rings)

Toys That Kill:
1. Pliers
2. Mr. Charisma
3. No Love Lost (originally by Joy Division)
4. D-Day Minus One
5. I'm Foaming!