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Released: May 11, 2007

October 2014: we found a small clump of these from the first pressing. Get them while they last!

• In 2012 GC changed their name to THE CAREENERS.

Grabass Charlestons:
Dave Drobach - bass
PJ Fancher - guitars
Will Thomas - drums, vocals.

Recorded June 21 and July 10, 2006 at Sarlacc Studios in Gainesville, FL by Derron Nuhfer and Addison Burns.

The Ergs:
Mike - lead vocals on "Every Romance Language", drums
Jeff - lead vocals on "It's Like I Say Y'know", guitar
Joe - bass.

Recorded April Fools, 2006 at Technical Ecstasy Studios in Milltown NJ by Chris Pierce.

Track Listing:

Grabass Charlestons:
1. I Like Cats
2. Double Ding-Dong-King-Kong-Sing-Song... the official hamburger of the Soviettes/Grabass tour summer 2005

The Ergs:
1. Every Romance Language
2. It's Like I Say Y'know