FAY WRAY "Fay Wray"


No Idea Records

Sold Out

No Idea Release NIR-041
Released: September 30, 1998

• We have a handful of original covers that now come with a custom, real-time burned CD... while they last!

Rob Coe: guitar
Jeff London: vocals
George Graquitena: drums
Bassy the Bass Player: bass

Recorded by Jerry Dubois at Tapeworm Studios

1. Tonight I Just Don't Give a Damn
2. Cruisin' U.S.A.
3. High & Outside
4. Lucky Manicotti
5. Father to Son
6. Potpie
7. I Think I Hate L.A.
8. Best Friend's Enemy
9. Baywatch
10. Sounds Like the Pixies to Me
11. Amanda
12. Mad at the Microwave