CULTURE "From the Vaults: Demos and Outtakes 1993 - 1998"


New Ethic Record Co Op

Culture: classic mid/late-'90s hardcore from Florida celebrated for, among a handful of other things, helping to cultivate the burgeoning metallic hardcore sound that became synonymous with the era. The band was known for its aggressive social/political/ecological commentary, its cautionarytales of reckless consumerism and industrial sprawl, and its advocacy of the straight edge lifestyle. Almost 20 years after its inception, a collection of unreleased material will be issued called "From The Vault: Demos & Outtakes 1993-1998. 300 copies pressed, hand numbered.

1. Open For Suggestion (Intro)
2. Short Of Living
3. Bleed The Lying Sky
4. Hollow
5. One And Only
6. Slice The Throat
7. Deforestation (original version)
8. Untitled I
9. Untitled II
10. Treating Myself To A Bullet
11. Pimping The Revolution (live)
12. Where Are You?
13. Lesser Being
14. Born Of You (alternate version)
15. Not As Mine (alternate version)
16. Apologies (alternate version)
17. Still Crossed (alternate version)
18. Twenty-Four (alternate version)
19. Fed Up!