No Idea Records

Egads! RANDOM TEST PRESSINGS! These things are either THE most limited version of a record and highly sought after... or they are kinda lame versions of records you love, yet without the usual covers and inserts. Typically black vinyl, but not always. THIS fantastic RANDOM GRAB BAG opportunity gets to ONE RANDOMly-selected 7" TEST PRESSING! Order a dozen; why not?

• These are being shipped RANDOMLY; no asking for favorites! Yes, ALSO included in this RANDOM OFFER are some rather rare / expensive test pressings. Also included are RANDOM medium-rare and RANDOM well-done test pressings. We have even included a few RANDOM test pressing that no one wants, for good measure, haha! It's RANDOM fandom!

Okay... so if you DO lose your ever-lovin' RANDOM mind and order a RANDOM dozen... we will promise no RANDOM repeats. How's that for RANDOM compulsive behavior encouragement?