A WILHELM SCREAM "Boat Builders" (Absurdist Version: 6 copies made)


No Idea Records

No Idea Release NIR-299
Released: October 28, 2012

JUNE 2016: we found four more of these with a blank B-side, so that brings the grand total to 10 made... and we think that's it!

"There is an argument that there is a fine line between recycling garbage and fine art. I'm not here to argue where that line exists, but rather to ignore it completely. With that in mind, I present a limited edition of six copies of this fine record. Each of them features hand drawn art (by a very famous art guy) really big on one side, with a little doodle on the other side (as not to get in the way of the music itself). The art is rendered in stunning detail using only the finest Pentel fine point correction pen that the drawer on the other side of the office could contain." –Var Thelin

Track Listing:
1. Boat Builders (early mix)