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No Idea Release NIR-242
Released: October 14, 2008

One amazing song from each band! The YOUNG LIVERS song features the debut of Mike Carter (Glass and Ashes) on bass & some vocals. And the BRIDGE AND TUNNEL song is fabulous too... yeah! On colored vinyl, of course!

Bridge and Tunnel:
Jeff - guitar, vocals
Tia - bass, vocals
Pat - drums
Rachel - guitar, vocals

Recorded by Kevin Ratterman at The Funeral Home, February 2008.

Young Livers:
Dave Hall - guitar
Matt Farrell - guitar, vocals
Mike Carter - bass, vocals
Chris Jordan - drums

Recorded by Derron Nuhfer and Addison Burns at Crescendo Sound in Gainesville, Florida.

Track Listing: 
1. Bridge And Tunnel "The Flea Marketers"
2. Young Livers "Finger to the Pulse"