BOMB, THE "Indecision (remastered) + Extras"


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No Idea Release NIR-184
2xLP remastered version Released: January 7, 2014

• OCTOBER 10, 2018: We received 9 copies back in a return... get them while you can!

Original single-LP version released: March 26, 2007

• Colored vinyl!

• LP comes with a 320 kbps Digital Download: a link will be emailed to you. NEVER try to download straight to your phone, tablet, or any other non-computer device: you must download to a computer, then transfer.

• "Indecision" Recorded January 2005 by J.Robbins at Great Western Record Recorders, Tolono, IL. Mixed at Semaphore, Chicago IL. "Extras" 1-5 recorded at various locations (2002-2006), 6-11 recorded live on WLUW (10/12/2005). Mastered by Carl Saff in 2012. Vinyl cut by Dave Eck at Lucky Lacquers. 

The Bomb:
Jeff Pezzati - vocals
Jeff Dean - guitar
Pete Mittler - bass
Mike Soucy - drums

"Indecision (remastered)"
1. Up From the Floor
2. Indecision
3. Hardly Shed a Tear
4. Burn it All
5. Further From the Truth
6. Never Want to See You Again
7. Won't Apologize
8. Bring the Shotgun
9. Turned On
10. Nothing to Say
11. Faith Anymore
12. 1000 Tons of Ice

1. Nothing to Say (demo)
2. Further from the Truth (demo)
3. Spaceman (demo)
4. Failures
5. From Where You Are
6. Hardly Shed a Tear (live)
7. Up From the Floor  (live)
8. Bring the Shotgun (live)
9. Faith Anymore (live)
10. Home of the Brave (live)
11. Indecision (live)

• The LP came on FIVE different kinds of colored vinyl: Lavender 2xLP, Blue 2xLP, Green 2xLP, Red 2xLP, White Indecision LP/Lavender Extras LP! (Between 50 and 150 of each version made!)