BLACK COUGAR SHOCK UNIT "Hello Black Cougar Shock Unit"


Newest Industry

The third release for Atlanta, Georgia's BLACK COUGAR SHOCK UNIT, again on Newest Industry. This CDEP consists of?6 brand new tracks (plus?1 "hidden" track) including cover versions of songs by THE BUZZCOCKS, DEVO and comedian Steve Martin, and are all exclusive to this EP! The band, which has had an extensive line-up change since their debut self titled EP, still features Alex Ulloa ex-PANTHRO UK UNITED 13 / ex-HOUSE ON FIRE on vocals / guitar, and now also includes Jason "Armadillo" McNeal on drums (Jason is also well known for his art, which can be found on many a LESS THAN JAKE album sleeve as well as many other No Idea Records album sleeves and fanzine covers), Peter Bowers on guitar and Mick Winters on bass.